Currency converter on your site

If you need to convert a currency from your web site or even from a third-party software, Convertisseur-Euros is the right place for you. Open and easy to use, this site will give you several ways to reach the information you need: using a simple HTML code, a direct link, XML files, and a ready-to-use API.

Using HTML code

You can easily use one of the converter directly from your site by using an HTML code. Simply select the chosen converter from the table below and insert the code inside the body of your website.

HTML codes table

Using a direct link

In order to call the converter using a direct link, simply use the cc.php script with the following parameters:
- d1 = Source currency
- d2 = Target currency
- x = Amount (optional)

For example:

Will convert 100 euros (EUR) to dollars (USD). Attention, currencies codes must be uppercase and match the ISO_4217 standard. Find the list of the currency handled by the converter on this page.

Using a XML file

Currencies rates are real-time and directly reachable using a XML file. Simply fetch the ISO-4217 code of the wanted currency followed by the .xml extension.
Caution: the ISO-4217 code must be lowercase.

Find below an example for Euro:

List of the currencies handled by the converter.


In order to use currencies rates directly from your own private applications, the converter API is the right choice to use. This API must be called using the api.php script followed by those parameters below:

- d1 = Source currency
- d2 = Target currency
- x = Amount
-t = [csv|json|empty]

Currency code must be uppercase and match the ISO_4217 standard. Use GET or POST to send the parameters. Choose output (-t) between CSV, JSON or raw (default).

Example using GET method, 100 euros to US dollars, output is raw:

Same conversion using CSV output:

Using JSON output:

This small PHP program converts 100 euros to US dollar:

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